User navigation links are wrong


If you’re on a user’s page (like here I am on @scientiffic) and you bring up a user card and hover/click the name:

The link is wrong, because it’s relative to current page.

So where we have /@scientiffic/@AngeloStavrow it should just be /@AngeloStavrow

This happens reliably IF the URL bar has a terminating slash OR if you’re an a user’s playlist page.

If there’s no terminating slash, usually the correct thing happens. But it’s possible to click around and get into the bug state without changing the URL manually.

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Hey @SteGriff

Thanks for flagging this! I have alerted the team. I will post an update here once it is fixed.


Thanks for the catch, @SteGriff! Should be sorted now.

Awesome! I’ve clicked around and it does seem to be fixed.

Just want to check this… names in infoboxes now show a leading slash

Was this on purpose?


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Um. Yeah. Yeah I was just testing you…

Kidding. And sorry about that — was moving fast and didn’t catch that we’d used the same slug for the link and the display name. Fixed locally and just waiting to go through all the proper tests. Thanks again!