Using aBowman Fish for Website Background


Hello everyone, I apologize in advance if this sounds like a dumb question, my friends and I are pretty at new at this. Our group was trying to set the background of our webpage to these abowman fish. After changing the settings of the fish, we put the indicated code within the body tag, and added forward slashes to the end of the param tags to fix the error. We’ve tried messing around with the z-indexes, making the background transparent, but the fish will not show up on our background. Does it have to do with the fact that we’re trying to use shockwave flash within our project, or is this just not possible? If any of you can answer it would be greatly appreciated!


This is bad because flash is being removed this year why not use a image or something like that?


I think it likely is connected to the use of flash, as mentioned by @anon1813117 above. I wasn’t able to view it , is the aBowman fish code available in something more modern? would it be possible to use an animated gif of the fish instead?


I actually wasn’t aware of this. We might just stick with a gif of the fish or a different background image. Thank you for responding and letting me know!