Using Git to import repo. Not github


Personally, i don’t like using github as there is not private option that’s free, I like my code to be on gitlab. Therefore, it is best to just be able to directly connect with git with an easy git push, then i won’t even need a repo!
Git seems to be a fast option, and it compatible with a lot of computers.

I wont be able to…

  1. create a new github repo
  2. clone gitlab repo onto it
  3. clone to glitch
  4. delete repo

… everytime. :sob:I like glitch, and i want to use it…


Each project has its own git repository (if you just created your project, give it around 10 minutes for it to be created). So if you access the Terminal (Project menu -> Advanced Options -> Terminal) you can pull the repo you want.

Import and Export to GitHub without granting access to Organization's repos

Can i git push to it? :smile:thank you for fast reply!


How can i pull the repo, i’m really confused.
git remote add gitlab URL
git pull gitlab master

i don’t know if it is this:

git clone URL


you’d use git pull URL. It looks like this is the page with info on configuring the URL to a repo:


Thanks. Apparently console, and the editor don’t sync. How can I sync it? Or refresh? Ie if I use ls is it, I can see my files, bt in the code editor, it doesn’t show


Use the ‘refresh’ command from the console, see