Using my own VPS for a bot

I have a question, could I use my own VPS with glitch?

What do you mean using your own VPS with Glitch?

Do you mean using your own editor to code directly to your VPS?

I mean, exporting the code to vps and using the editor from glitch.

I think, no. If you exported your code and putted on your VPS, you can edit from your VPS there. No saving if you do on the code editor. Since VPS doesn’t have any connection with

@sharosky have you tried os-js?

You could also take a look at the code editor that the Glitch editor uses.

or use gitpod… which uses docker images

If you are a vscode person you can add a thing called coder-server to your VPS. It allows you to use vscode in the browser only.

If you want to export your code to your VPS you could take a look into git hooks. Or you could also write your code from your computer remotely to your VPS.

Personally whenever I need to write code directly to my VPS I use that VS Code extension and use my SSH key to connect and then I write from my local computer to my remote server.

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