Using Server-Side Variables in Client-Side

This is just a code related doubt and not anything project related! I am using variables in the server-side code to get data from APIs or from NPM packages. But how do use the same variables in client-side? Here’s an example of what I mean:

api.projects.get({ domain: 'khaleelgibran' }).then(project => console.log(project))

I’m using this statement in my server-side code to get some data (called project) using the Glitch API. Here, it’s console.loging the project. But is there any way, I can send this data to client-side, which I can then manipulate and do whatever I like using DOM in the client-side (like showing it in my webpage)?

If you create a scope (a variable with an object context, e.g. var myScope = {};) you can use lodash on the server to access the object. If you’re working with express you can create a plugin that takes some lodash query and returns it to a client.

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I meant more like in a POST request???

If you have already been using any of HTTP servers like express or koa, etc., then you have to check your library’s docs for how to handle the requests.

In express you can do this:

// Client-side
const data = await get('/project/xxx')

// Server-side
require ('express')().get('/project/:id', (req, res) => res.json(getProjectData(