Using the clone-from-repo url sometimes only creates an asset folder

Over at Free Code Camp we have been using the clone-from-repo feature for a few months. Not sure if anything changed, but it seems to be a 50% chance when we click on the links, that it ends up just producing an assets folder (like the one below) instead of the intended repo.

The above was created after clicking on the Glitch link found on this page.

The Glitch link is!/remix/clone-from-repo?REPO_URL= The interesting thing is some users never have the problem and some users who do experience the problem can go back to our site and click on the link again and it work fine. The fact that it happens about 50% of the time for any given user is why we are trying to figure out how to resolve it. Also, it does not seem to be browser specific.

I am willing to try any suggestion to resolve this issue.

Thanks in advance.

UPDATE: I notice the browser console (in Chrome) is showing the following error when it fails.

I am experiencing this as well.