Values logged with console.log not showing up in the "logs" tab of a static project?

All of the things that are supposed to be showing up simply aren’t. Any advice?

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Static sites don’t run any JS on a server, so there would be nothing to run the console.log calls that I think you’re talking about.

Or, if they’re running in the webpage in a browser, then they show up in the browser console, but it would be the same if it were a non-static site. In a non-static site, those logs wouldn’t show up in the Glitch “logs” tab either.

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Hi @MisterToenails!

As @wh0 has helpfully explained, you’ll need the browser console to see logs from a static project (you can usually see this by right-clicking on the page and choosing Inspect, using your browser tools menu, or keyboard shortcuts like Cmd + Option + J / Ctrl + Shift + J depending on your OS and browser).

Thanks for mentioning this as I can see it being a common source of confusion and something we could potentially help clear up with a little info in the editor, so we’ll look into that!

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