Verifying Teams


Hello Glitch support,
My name is Mike i’m the CEO of Gamesoid Europe, Inc. We are a gaming company that make web games in html5. We upload all are apps in Glitch. I was wondering if their is a way to get are team verified and supportive to people like official trello has. For example if someone wanted to remix one of are games and make their own api they could know that this is the official code of the game and the real developers.

Best regards
Bennett-Jr M.


Hello! I ran a quick search on Google of your company and all I could find was one of your games on GitHub. If Glitch was going to accept you I think they would require you to have a website running on a custom domain, etc and valid proof that you do own the company. And on the subject of verified teams, some sort of proof would be required. e.g legal documents.

Hopefully a Glitch staff member will get back to you soon! :slight_smile:


Hey, we have not released any games until 1/1/2019. That’s when we will begin to host. I’m not asking for my team to be verified right now. I’m asking for a “Verifying Teams” feature to come for official companys.


Thanks, @Mike, and welcome to the Glitch Forums!

I appreciate your posting a topic here about this; to reiterate what we discussed over email we don’t have any current plans to offer verified teams, but knowing it’s something folks are thinking about is valuable.


Hey @cori , Thanks for your support.