Video texture not loading in a-frame

Two of the video textures on my a-frame site aren’t loading. On both Chrome and Firefox, the objects’ textures instead render as black. They are both very short MP4 files that should autoplay and loop, and were working as of 2 months ago. The files still seem to be saved on my Glitch account. I exported the site to Github, though, so maybe they’re actually stored there? I’m a newbie if that’s not already apparent. Thanks for reading!

Hi @Jacob_Sugerman - if you set the objects “src” attribute to the id of the mp4 asset reference (instead of using a “material” attribute, does that work?

For example, in one line where you’re using the waterfall mp4 as a texture, you set material=“src: #waterfall; roughness:-5”. I think that if you replace that with src="#waterfall", that may render the video.

jenn, thanks for your reply. can i even make that cylinder’s src="#waterfall" because it’s a primitive? i was getting a red dot error in the coding editor but maybe i’m totally doing it wrong cuz it’s been a while…ok so edit: in the process of maybe reloading the project a bunch of times while trying this the videos now seem to be rendering, so strange, but this has actually maybe happened before – could the files not have been loading because of account inactivity? spooky :ghost:

Ok, so apparently it’s only working again on my browser and not elsewhere. Any thoughts?