Violating Terms of Service

Dear Glitch,
My project space-bots-list suspended.
It gives me a reason for violating terms of service.
I read before the terms of service of glitch, and I don’t know what I’m break in terms of service. I created this project last year. I created a license for Europe Co. (Council). On 16 May 2019, I paid for this license on the rules of co. () No 1296/2019.
I swear I don’t break any rules in terms of service. My project has invited like 6-10 guys, remixed my project and copied all files.
The license was copied and right now I closed this license.
Certified completion of invoices on a year. Please give me a fast answer and check this wrong error.

Information check:
a license issued by Let’s encrypt authority x3/5, I closed the ticket of licensing on 5-12 February 2020.

It seems like you may have violated the Glitch terms of service. What exactly were you doing with the project?

hi there! can you please email with the name of the project and the reason and we’ll have someone investigate your case!