*voice* chat minimum viable application ; webrtc

Has anybody seen a glitch like this?

What do you mean?

I mean is there a webrtc voice-chat application on glitch that’s as paired down as possible, so I could study it.

best if it’s peerjs but with audio; I found a peerjs example without audio

simple webrtc video + voice chat example using peerjs server

surprisingly, i found this project linked from the official peerjs documentation.

hope this helps!

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wow; I missed this, lol–

I’ll try it tomorrow, if it works, that’d be insane… will report back

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does it work for you? here’s my example, and I’m getting a 404, but I can’t see where to set the url… Glitch :・゚✧

turns out, I shit you not, I know the personal who wrote that, well; I also asked them directly about it

that is awesome :laughing:

i guess we wait for their reply!

they said they got it working, and that it did work, I have to figure out how to use it… it’s not intuitive to me for whatever reason, I think I have to cut and paste a link or something, I need to go look at the docs…

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I got it working; so, I think that’s a wrap.