VS Code "glitch show commands" does nothing

I installed the glitch vscode extension, but I quickly ran into a few problems:

(1) The “glitch show commands” option in the command palette does absolutely nothing.
(2) The “glitch sign in” option in the command palette opens a browser and brings me to a blank page with the text “This is an invalid sign-in link. (Try again, or try signing in with an email code.)”
(3) I tried using the email code option, but I did not receive an email.

System information:

OS: Arch Linux
Linux version: 5.6
VScode version: 1.48.2-1
Browser: Chromium

Could you try uninstalling and reinstalling?

I tried reinstalling both vscode and the glitch extension, but nothing changed.

Update: I fixed the problem by doing this:

(1) Instead of installing the “code” package from the official Arch repos, I installed the “visual-studio-code-bin” package from the AUR.

(2) I installed version 0.1.5 instead of the latest version. Any version after 0.1.5 doesn’t work.