Vscode addon - FLRM

this is a vscode extension that self installs itself once ran out of it’s zip file, and it does some pretty cool things ignoring the fact that the package is actually named after I multipurpose program known as FLRM(Forge lance remote manager)

  1. It insta-prettifies files
  2. it checks for backups to functions and if none there, adds one
  3. adds try catch statements to every function so it’s backup can be ran
  4. adds some buttons to vscode to spice up your workspace if automatic is not enough
  5. it still allows live interaction as usual!
  6. it burns your project instantly to a backup disk ( .iso )
  7. saves are very easy to get the latest of, as anything older than 3 Days is deleted ( ISO )

it is a very nice addon overall, all I have to say

note: you gotta run the exe with windows vista compatibility, and only works on windows due to that feature being present on window’s software only


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