Wake My Glitch Up

Glitch projects stop every 5 minutes for performance optimization. If you need to keep your Glitch project live, copy and run this workflow. It will make a request to your Glitch server every minute.

You can use a custom route in your Glitch server at /wakeup to catch these requests:

app.get("/wakeup", function(request, response) {
  console.log("i'm awake");
  response.send("i'm awake")

This is the Glitch project for this workflow (if you want to see more of the code):

This really isn’t helping the point that people unnecessarily ping glitch projects and cause downtimes, also posting this here will get the site ip banned from glitch


You only need to ping every 4 or 5 minutes. 1 minute is a ton.

fair point. with pipedream, you can set any timer you want.

Yes but that still doesn’t help, glitch currently has a problem when “devs” use heavy apps like discord bots and constantly ping them.

useless pings in general, imo glitch should ban discord bots as they are the biggest problem


well, we always know that there’s a github pages thing…

Don’t even mention github actions, do we even know the specs of the servers?

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Bot “devs” should be able to invest before making a large bot rather than abusing a platform and causing down times for other users.

I don’t see how making the platform more useful is abuse.

Let me break this down for you. Discord bots use a lot of memory which is essentially the most expensive part when paying for a vps, now these poorly optimised bots are eating up ram and constantly being pinged and bringing in lots of traffic on glitchs side and resulting in glitch having to pay even more and many downtimes

That makes sense. However, who said anything about Discord bots? There are many use cases other than Discord bots for keeping a server up.

indeed but advertising a pinging service while glitch is banning them to help performance isnt a good idea and also let’s be honest, most of glitch is discord bots

I wasn’t advertising a pinging service and wasn’t aware that people use Glitch for Discord bots. There are probably better examples of combining the best of Pipedream and Glitch. Any unsolved use cases where you think a serverless integration platform could add value to the Glitch community?

you were still “showing off” an app to ping glitch apps every minute

Yes. I simply looked at what Pipedream workflows are most popular with Glitch as a connected app. This one happens to be popular.

True use 5 minutes you can also Add Glitch Keep alive to your project to keep up for 12 hours