Want to help and get thanked? Here's a gift for you!

Hello Glitchers!
This week I really got in love with Glitch, it’s such a funny way to develop. I had my account for a long time but wasn’t able to understand the awesome thing it is, pretty awesome, thanks to the Glitch owners :smiley:

Ok, so, I tried getting a project in a custom domain and found out that I had to get thanked a couple times before being able to do so. I made it the hard mode using flyIO directly and I was happy about that, but I wanted to get thanked even then.

I tried but there was no people asking for help when I was online or I wasn’t aware when the request was made because it has no notifications to read.

It took me a couple days to get thanked enough to change to native-glitch custom domain configuration, but I was already working on this tool that would help me help everyone. My goal was getting notifications when a new question is posted, which I was able to do with Slack and Discord.

Now I want to present you my Discord Server that is specifically created to get those notifications, it’s using webhooks, and it’s also able for Slack.

I made a couple packages on npmjs: glitch-questions and glitch-questions-webhook-trigger
The first one is just a GET request on the Glitch Questions API, the second one makes an interval and posts a message to a webhook to be defined.

I also made a couple Glitch projects that use the second library to make webhook servers so I can get notifications on both Slack and Discord: ~glitch-questions-slack-notifier and ~glitch-questions-discord-notifier
You can see the code, fork them and use them for your own messaging services. I’d really appreciate some basic messageGenerators for different types of messaging services out of the currently tested Slack and Discord ones. These two you can find them on my profile page: https://glitch.com/@tribak

Please feel free to join my Discord server if you don’t want to go trough the process and you just want the sweet notifications: https://discord.gg/NJyXwg3

What do you think of this project? Do you like it? Would you like giving some feedback?

Also, Glitch masters, don’t kill me for using your “hidden” API, I’m trying to use it fairly and not kill the servers. I’m making this so people gets helped more and people gets used to help more. I really just want to help here, not trying to do nothing wrong.