Warn I get error. Help urgently [ It happened in an instant. ]

This error came when there was nothing at a time. and continuously at the same degree .this is not the norm.


No more command in my bot, but this error appeared.

Could you help. My Project Name: Corwin.

Hey @hamzaeser, you’re basically out of disk space in that project. When I run du -hd1 in the project’s console I see that most of that space is taken up with your .git folder, so following the steps in Glitch full disk error will likely be helpful.

I’ve granted your project additional space for 24 hours to give you the free space you’ll need to work through those steps. Let us know if you run into other problems.

Hey @cori , I still have a lot of ping on my bot.


Could you help. My Project Name: Corwin.

@cori , I did, but failed.

Hey @hamzaeser I’ve granted your project additional space again, for another 24 hours. I’m not sure what you mean by “it failed” but following the steps I noted previously should work as long as you do it within the next day. If you run into problems please give us specific details about what you did and what didn’t work.

As far as your bot’s ping time, all of Glitch’s projects are currently hosted in Amazon’s us-east-1 AWS EC2 region. If you’re seeing high ping times there’s not much that Glitch can do to help with that as far as I know, although we may expand to other AWQS regions in the future.