Warning System Help (quick.db)

Hey hey! I’m making a discord bot and I’m currently doing the warning and delete warning command. I want it to be based on a Case ID (The message ID) so that you can delete a certain warning by having that value. Here is my code as of right now (In the warning script). Looking for a way I could save Case ID and call it through that case ID.

 db.push(`${target.id}.warnings`, `Reason: ${reason} \n Case ID: ${message.id} \n Moderator: ${message.author}`)

tldr; I need to call a value in quick.db with a specified Case ID

If you want, Taichi.db can be your quick.db Alternative.

But don’t forget to use cdb function if you’re at Glitch, so your data won’t lose.

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Sometime, quick.db can become unstable.

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What do you mean by “save”? Like store it in a database and look at it later?

Hey, I’m having issues returning my values into discord. Any help? It says it cannot send an empty message

Can you show some code snippets and error messages?