Warning when the app is about reach the limit

Hello, folks at Glitch!

This post is a proposal for a new feature; however, it’s more of feedback than a feature-request.
One more thing, I’d like to start off by mentioning the growing number of topics related to disk space restriction.
Lastly, what I wanted to propose is an implementation of a warning panel or a pop-up, which will appear once the project is about to reach its limitations. The pop-up will contain necessary information mentioning steps to be taken to fix the problem, is it severe or will it have any effect on the application; what can you do to avoid reaching the limitations; additional information, such as a link to the FAQ page, containing an explanation regarding the project-restrictions; so on.

Really great to see the Glitch community expand. Have a nice day!


And I think it would be nice, if there was a way somehow to grant temporary space automatically so that users could do git prune and git gc in the Console (only that and nothing else) without having to wait for @support_staff, although some may misuse it…

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I am sure granting more storage is not the solution to this problem and it would be misused intentionally as well as unintentionally.
Besides, they will not be knowing about why they received the extraneous storage in the first place.
From what I can see, my solution seems to be the way to go here.

That’s were the popup comes in!

Very well; however, doing what you mentioned would be granting a lot of storage from the company’s side since there are a lot of projects having the same problem.
Not only the way is not efficient, but the implementation for the method is not so-good.

There could possibly be a button in the popup which users can press then it allocates extra disk storage and runs enable-pnpm git gc git prune etc (possibly user can choose which ones) then removes/reallocates the extra storage.

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That is right! I’m sure you guys will come up with a good idea, and @chroventer’s idea is very good!


Disk space issues are something that users frequently encounter, as we can see here in the forum!

We are looking into ways to make it easier for users to deal with this. Your feedback has been noted, we appreciate it!