Was the distinction between client and server code just removed?


If memory serves me well, Glitch (Gomix, Hyperdev) always made a distinction in files for the server and client parts of an application. When I open my projects now, all the files are in the same ‘folder’, and the difference is gone.

Accidental, or on purpose? What’s the reasoning behind this change? (Call me old-fashioned, but I liked the grouping.)


It was, good eye! The front end and back end separation was purely a UI thing, which we thought would help people keep their projects organized. However, from topics on this forum and via email, we noticed many found it confusing and got caught up on where their files should go. It was especially confusing when importing projects from GitHub which didn’t separate their projects that way and some thought it appeared that we had incorrectly imported them, because front-end files might appear in the back-end section, and vice-versa (although it didn’t actually matter). So we thought we’d try this simpler and more flexible approach. If you’d still like to structure your projects that way, then feel free to create folders to keep things organized.


OK, great answer. Clear.