Way to Unlink Custom domains?


In order to try out the new Custom domains feature I fixed my 2 friend’s bot and got likes then unlinked my website from Fly.io, I entered my url into glitch and voila! It works.

Now I want to force HTTPS on me custom domain, and the best way I have found is to use the Fly.io middleware force https or ssl. We have discussed it here

Now for me to do that, I must unlink my domain from Fly.io via Glitch and link it directly to fly. However there is no option to unlink?


Similar but not the same issue: Custom domain help

Brb, may be edited soon with other info


No problem at all. That message means we need to manually disconnect the domain from the Glitch side. If you’ll give us the project name (I couldn’t find it anywhere) we’ll unlink taiwei.ml from it.


Project name is taiwei, thanks. Sorry I went for dinner
(And it was here :slight_smile: )


Ok, this custom domain has been deleted and disconnected from your project. Let us know if you need anything else!