We are currently experiencing an outage of the Glitch homepage. Our team is aware and working on a fix!

Hi all,

Thanks for your patience while we work to resolve this issue. You can track receive updates about this on our Status Page.


This incident has now been resolved!


Hello friends!

We have had another issue pop up today that may prevent you from loading the site and projects. Our team is aware and working to get the site back up.

In the meantime, thanks for your patience!


@tasha, just asking, does it affect only the project editor or the live app or both?. Because my project editors are working, but the live project app does not work!

Same exact thing happens to me!

Also, glitch.com/help takes a long time to load!

@khalby786 fair question! It’s a fluid situation so what you may and may not be able to get working during the outage may change. As of now, the homepage and some projects made load, but not all will be working in the editor or live.

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bruh, what happened?

@tasha developer tools may be of help to see what is going on with the api…

Still can’t edit any of my project and it’s extremely annoying…

I have critical projects (such as awake.glitch.me) which many other projects rely on to keep their projects online. However, I can’t edit any of these as the API throws a 503 error.


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api is just throwing 5xx errors all over the place

same… i was working on a typescript backend, and it just started for me a few minutes ago.

forgot to mention, it can provide discord bot statistics, and do api info for glitch, a nice bundle i’d say, when this gets fixed it will be done shortly after

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Bendede Aynı şey oluyor şimdi ne zamana düzelir

my projects are back… but on one of em, cause im checking em now, has half of its code gone

nvm, a refresh fixed it

does rewind work in the project at all?

rewind does not work, already tried it

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Hi all,

This incident should now be resolved! We know there has been more downtime than expected these last two months and we thank you for your patience and support!

When there is a site outage, we document everything internally and use that to perform a retrospect on what happened, how it happened, what we did to fix it and how we can prevent it from happening again in the future. It is a learning process for sure; but every time, we get a little bit smarter about handling situations such as this!

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thanks for fixing this!