We need to fix the discord ban mega-thread

Delete the card numbers like 1 day after… Also charge and return twice in case they use a temp card

Still would pose massive security issues even sending the card numbers somewhere

Accepting credit cards online is a common practice, and if glitch used a trusted db, (like aws), I’m sure there would be very few issues.

potentially but I could imagine many people leaving the platform

How about we initially block the discord api through a firewall and you have to add a credit card to unlock it for a container.

personally I wouldn’t have a problem as I don’t host bots here but I can see many small bot devs disliking that


That could work but I also agree with what @Misly said.

offtopic but its 1:23am so I gtg

Lol ok seeya.

Don’t think requiring a credit card is the way to do it.
Reason being the point behind glitch was to help young coders who want to learn how to code. Requiring a credit card will turn away a huge portion of these coders, defeating glitch’s point.

Better Solution
Monitor/log each request to Discord, when an IP gets banned, find the ones that might have caused it, then take appropriate actions.

There really is no “good” way to do this, at the end of the day, Glitch is still a free service. So free users should be ok with waiting a few days for service restoration. (Paid users are a different story, they should get a separate host)


The issue is, how do you log the activity? Maybe thousands of bots on the same host look the same to discord.

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On the glitch side, you have a basic logging system.


Ok here’s a possible solution, if the glitch team could setup container servers just for discord bots and let people move their code to the discord bot servers. Here’s the catch the glitch team has a system where it monitors the rate of requests it sends to the discord api if it’s too fast it automatically suspends the app. Or, you could go through a background check and a person would look at your code to ensure it isn’t being malcious.
Personally I think the automated solution might work better since according to the megathread, we have a lot of discord bots


Something needs to be done.
The current thread shows just how bad the situation is.


Sorry, I know we hate bumps, but this is only relevant here: if you don’t want the megathread to clog up the forum when you are viewing it, just change it from Normal/Tracking/Watching to Muted at the bottom of the thread so it doesn’t appear.


assuming most nodejs packages respect proxies we can set the default system proxy to a proxy that rate limits your requests so they never hit the discord servers