We need your help with updating Node!

Today we’re announcing our next phase in building a whole new Glitch and it’s one that’s directly tied to what a lot of you have been waiting for: updated versions of Node on containers.

You can read more in the announcement on our blog about what’s in the works and how we need your help - basically we need some of you to update your projects running very old versions of Node (under version 9) within the next couple of weeks. We lay it all out for you here in our Node version doc.

If you have any questions or concerns, throw them down here in this thread and we’ll be happy to answer and discuss! :speaking_head: :arrow_down_small:


extracting this from the article: the long awaited container upgrade is planned for Q1 2024, “before April”

currently this announcement is only that they’re “deprecating” node 6 and node 8. no word on those versions actually being removed.

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Projects running on those versions will not wake up on those deprecation dates and those versions will not be available on containers, you’ll need to go into the editor and update them.

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o dang thanks for the clarification

I’m bumping this thread so folks know that tomorrow (12/1) is the date we are deprecating Node 6. If you run into any issues, let us know here or you can file a ticket at https://help.glitch.com.

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Hello - there are a number of “featured” glitch projects that seem to be affected by this node update such as many here https://glitch.com/@glitch/building-blocks. This is a shame because not only do they not work, it seems you also can’t have a look a the code! (View Source doesn’t work either)

A lot of them you seem to have created @jenn!

For example:
https://glitch.com/~low-db (not you jenn on this one)

My question is, given it is not practical to expect all creators to update node, can anyone suggest some sort of workaround to view the code - eg an autolink to a github repository or some sort of “read only” mode? Particularly on the projects which are part of an officially curated list. Seems a shame if they are gone forever.


I know it’s not a great experience, but you can remix any of those projects since they’re public (there’s a “remix your own” button below the embed on the project page of any public project) and have your own copy that you can update the version of Node to keep running! If you’re the owner of a project with an out of date version of Node you can still see the code in the editor and update it.


Good point - thank you!

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