Web connect to domain

Hello, i have a web script(HTML and CSS etc.) for my discord server, how can i connect the script to a domain? I have a domain, but, idk how can i connect this, not on https://name.glitch.me

Where did you buy the domain?

My domain îs buyed from Thos-Host.com

Hi @Domnnn!
Welcome to the Glitch community - I’m now gonna explain how to add your custom domain to your Glitch project. It may sound confusing at first, but hopefully it will make sense in the end.

So to use a custom domain on Glitch, you first need to have 2 thanks. You get thanks from other users when you help them (they click on your profile and press give thanks in the editor). You can find people who need help on the homepage.

You then need to go to Tools -> custom domains (or something like that, you’ll find it) and add your domain. When you add it, Glitch will give you a really long url. It’s best practice to copy this and keep it somewhere for safe keeping, but it doesn’t matter if you loose it

You then need to add that URL as DNS record. Most domain providers provide dns with the domain. If not, you can use cloudflare (cloudflare is much better any way so you should use that for security and SSL).

You need to add the url as a CNAME record like this @ -> glitch.edgeapp.net or yourdomain.com - > glitch.edgeapp.net (lots of tutorials explaining how to do this online if you are confused)
You should replace glitch.edgeapp.net with the url glitch gave you, but you can leave it as glitch.edgeapp.net if you lost it.
And that’s it - should be added! :slight_smile:


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