WebAPI Not Found

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I’m trying to deploy a WebAPI that I developed so that my partner can access it. When I run localhost, I get the proper responses, but when I run it with glitch, I keep getting a 404 error “Not Found”.

I can’t quite see where I’m wrong, so I hope anyone can help me. My project is “dev-studioadrianadiniz”.

If there is no package.json in the root of your project, Glitch will treat your project as a static site, and simply serve the files without running them. In order to run server-side code, you need package.json to be in the root of your project.

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I looked at the project and a package.json exists

and it seems very valid
Perhaps try reading on how to create a glitch.json file.
This may not seem like the best advice due to my lack of knowledge on node.js