WebDAV is in our hands now

Project URL: with-webdav (open in editor)

Glitch used to run a WebDAV server for us (What's my webdav login?), which would allow us to open up our projects in our native file manager and transfer things around. It doesn’t seem to work anymore–I recently saw that these WebDAV-related HTTP requests are now making it through to the app. So that means it’s up to us to run a WebDAV server of our own, in-project.

And here’s a starter kit for running that server (this one using a package literally called webdav-server - npm). Remix this and enjoy your new 197 MB Dropbox clone (if you squint hard enough).

Note: put stuff in .data if you (i) don’t want it to be shown on the website, (ii) don’t want it to be shown in the editor, and (iii) don’t want it to be copied in remixes.