Webhook Logging

I know what you are thinking, won’t that send too many requests? And my answer is: If it is implemented wrong. I have a Discord bot and I want people to know what is going on so what I thought was to open a Github project and log requests. But that took too much work. So I was thinking, why doesn’t glitch have this? (Then I remembered that I can get rate-limited and that would cause some issues) I came up with an idea for logging. I was thinking that since projects always refresh after every change, it might be a good idea to just run the code to use the webhook after about 5-10 minutes of nothing being edited. I think this would help people who are hosting websites on Glitch who have big communities and want their community to know why their site is down or why something is not working.

Uptime Robot will ping your website every 5 minutes or higher. You could console.log to log every time the bot is pinged in a app.get. You can create a watch.json file to remove auto-refresh in your glitch project, and even choose directories it will affect. Using Uptime Robot, your project shouldn’t normally go down, which is the way to use to keep your bot alive.

Hope this helps

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That is not what I am talking about. I am talking about something like this.

Actually, your glitch project is also a git repository. You can do this yourself by using git hooks: