Webhook not working

I’m using Quotient.com to send webhooks to my Glitch application.
My node.js endpoint in Glitch is fine as Quotient data is getting through. I can see it in console. However, in Quotient webhook settings console I keep getting Unsuccessful response code: 100 or Unsuccessful response code: 255 and Quotient keeps sending webhook requests to my server causing multiple events beacause of these retries.

Why is this happening? What am I doing wrong?


Hi @mshakhomirov, welcome to the Glitch Forums!

Can you either provide you project name or the code of the method that’s receiving the webhook call? That might enable someone in the forums to give some specific feedback.

Happy Glitching!

Well basically it’s just a simple webhook but the problem is that Quotient keeps firing an error for this:

app.post(’/webhook’, function(request, response) {


One thing I see right off the top of my head is that in that project you’re never sending a response back. I don’t know anything about Quotient or what its error codes mean, but right now if Quotient POSTs to https://immense-lark.glitch.me/ it won’t get a response at all, and depending on how it handles that situation some sort of error code seems reasonable, and the ones you listed seem like they might be sensible results.

To send a response and close the webhook request you’d need to add something like


with whatever message you wanted to return to Quotient where “OK” is.

Hope that helps!

Ah right, that helps indeed. I was just sending a res() back and that was the reason.