Webiste Looks Weird

My Website Is Wierd But My Code Is Good


this is probably due to the downtime of the site and the stylesheets not loading

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^^^ Glitch is still having an outage.

thats sad, i was working on discord oauth for my site and i have no clue what is the bug. and now their api is down. starting to remind me of roblox devs and how their updates are not the best.

Hi @Music.ly-Devloper,

I believe the problem might have something to do with loading the file at “pubilc/js/now-ui-kit.min.js”. It seems like you’re trying to run an HTML file as javascript. I think it has to do with typos:

  • I believe there’s a typo in “pubilc”, would fixing it fix everything?
  • I can also see you import your CSS using “css/bootstrap.min.css” maybe you should try importing your JS without the “pubilc/”.

Hope I could help:)


if you’re using DevTools to see the Network activity, don’t rely on that. Glitch is sending HTML files on JS and CSS requests sometimes (idk why).

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