Webjams / Website Contests

Kind of like game jams, but websites. You just make a webjam, add a description, title, etc.
And people have to submit websites they made for the webjam.
The one with the best website, wins.

Voted. Sounds fun.


I call em Jams. And hey, can’t you just DM a user (hehe @khalby786) and compete with each other? Might lead to spam if there were a category, and anyone could post one.

Yup, we’re currently having a competition GlitchyPastePen x Learn-Code Ultimate Showdown in our DMs.


And I’m busy trying to use sweetalert for everything now.


My idea was that Glitch could make a page (e.g. glitch.com/hackathon) where you have flipclock that counts down for about 2 days and an option to make a new project. The project you create there is a normal Glitch project with the normal template, but the same flipclock is on the editor and when the time runs out you can’t edit the project anymore. These projects get added to a ‘hackathon’ collection. Then all the projects get judged by a panel (e.g. @anildash, @jenn, etc.) and the winner gets free Boosted Apps for a few months or an Amazon Gift Card. There you go - virtual hackathon, hosted by Glitch! Get a few sponsors and you’ll be ready to go!


Kind of reminds me of repl.it competitions, last time I heard they did a make your own programming language contest where the winner would get a grant of $10,000 iirc


this sounds really cool!! we’ve voted!


You have my vote. Seeing an official Glitch hackathon with be great.


This idea was actually inspired from itch.io

Thanks for that link! Now I finally see a way to get reven…never mind, that’s off topic and none of anyone’s business…but…
THANK YOU SO MUCH, @LankyBox01!!
And I can’t wait to see a website competition, here on Glitch! I might participate!

I’d love to host an unofficial one.


My idea is actually for people to host their own webjams, tough.
However, you can actually just make a website where you can submit your website for a contest.

Fine, let’s shut down this idea (and replace with something else) because I might make an event like thing just for this.

well you can’t make it if the rest of Glitch doesn’t even agree to something like this…we need them to say “Yes, you can do this” otherwise we’ll all get into trouble and bad things will happen to us.

Might just link this here:


Why did you ping staff?

Maybe it was an accident?

How could I manage ping @ anil dash (oh my gosh) and type that much.


Maybe he forgot that you should not ping staff members because people forget things? Just a thought.