Webpack 4.1.0 not found


I’m not certain this is a Glitch error, but NPM seems to want glitch to install Webpack 4.1.0, but that installation fails for me on Glitch. Changing the version to 4.0.1 in package.json works, and 4.1.0 installs on my home computer, so Glitch’s view of NPM seems to be behind by a couple of days.


Sorry about that - we’ve been making a few changes and we noticed this too. We’re currently looking into solutions and hope to have it fixed up soon.


As of today, webpack 4.1.0 can be installed, but 4.1.1 cannot.


yep, we intend to deploy the fix for this issue in a few hours :slight_smile: thanks!


the deploy is in place, you should not have this issue anymore! If it still happens for you, let us know!