Webpack and file limited reach error


I am having trouble getting my site project working. https://glitch.com/edit/#!/gdb-auth-vue-node webpack not found and file size limited reach. The file size should be small which is strange. It was working fine few hours ago.


It’s working for me at the moment, did you resolve the problem? If your project was created prior to mid-March, then run enable-pnpm, which will stop the node_modules from being counted towards your project space. We also take periodic snapshots of your project for Rewind, so it could be git taking up the space. Running git prune and git gc can help free up some space.


Oh, It back to normal. Didn’t know the other commands which could help.


Got another project and from fresh or another clone. It very odd webpack 4.8.3 missing again. https://glitch.com/edit/#!/gdb-auth-vue-buefy-node I can see webassembly for some reason.


There’s a bug we’re working to handle right now. The new version of webpack has a dependency which has itself as a dependency creating a loop.


I just ran into this problem too. Glad to know it is being looked at.


yeah I hope it fixed. Only 4.7.0 work but not working as well. I have to keep reinstalling which is very odd. Guessing reinstalling npm from import github keep breaking. Uninstall and installing is so slow. Not sure why webpack commands are missing.


to force version 4.7.0 to stick, just specify the webpack dependency like this: "webpack": "4.7.0". Notice: no carets or tilde. It will force that version forever.