Webpack hotreload for React/Redux not working--i think I know why


There’s no way to route two external ports to your project right now. You can do HTTP and websockets on the same port if that’s what you need. Are those both going to be HTTP connections?

The only way you could get two HTTP connections to two different ports is to build a proxy into your project. If there was something in the headers that would let you tell the two types of traffic apart, you could send both connections to the same port and let the proxy tell them apart and route them to the right places.


The problem with Parcel is that it spawns a second server for HMR. If I use the same port I get “port is busy” error, and there’s no config option to decouple HMR front-end port from serve port. Having a couple of extra ports would be awesome.

There is another issue with parcel: the watcher is not getting triggered by changes. Ill get back to this later on.

Im loving glitch, btw.


Sorry to revive this old thread. @ThadeuLuz did you resolve your issue in the end? I’d be interested in a solution :slight_smile: