Website doesn't look as it should

That’s how it looked in development:

And that’s how it looks after importing to glitch:

That didn’t work

lol, i asked a question and “nobody” replied

I think there’s just some wariness about replying because it’s not clear what anyone would say. are you coding the page from scratch based on a design spec in the second screenshot? are you deploying an already coded page on Glitch? why “should” it look like the second screenshot? e.g. “this is what my client asked for,” or “a different browser renders it this way,” or “it looked like this earlier in my development but I broke something” ?


Well, in development it worked just fine, but after I imported it into glitch it didn’t work anymore.

the code on glitch looks like it’s missing a lot, e.g. anything about vertical positioning. did you have code for that in the development copy?

Actually, most of the style is being done in JavaScript.
And yes it’s all there. I checked it, they’re the same files.

oh! didn’t notice that

there are some problems with the script, e.g. code like this = height / 100 * 28

doesn’t include a unit (‘px’), so I think that has no effect

this doesn’t explain why it would work differently–at all–“in development” though :person_shrugging:

re post your question please with correct issue

Thanks a lot, I didn’t notice that, because my IDE was good enough too notice what I meant, even without the unit.

insinuating that the IDE’s understanding has an impact on the behavior of the unitless code in the browser while doing local development

I’m disregarding that, as that’s not how IDEs work