Website either 'Not Found' or Origin Server Error

I purchased a domain for my newest project November 8, and connected it via Cloudflare, as I’ve done many times before. It’s been a while since the last time I did this, so I couldn’t remember which way the CNAME records went, and as such have tried both.

With the in Cloudflare’s name area & the domain in the content area I get a Cloudflare 1016 Error. If I input the & domain the opposite way around, I simply get ‘not found’, which is what one would normally get if you try to google a link, as that’s how they work.

For those not used to Cloudflare’s systems I have added an image to explain what I am talking about.

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I understand that you have done this before, but just to confirm:
When configuring the CNAME, did you complete all the steps listed in the Cloudfare CNAME SetUp Guide?

I just want to make sure that you didn’t miss a step.

Sorry for the late response, but I believe so, at least as far as it pertains to my situation, as some of that page seems outdated @tasha.

I believe I have it all done correctly according to Cloudflare, and I just get ‘not found’ when going to my domain, which by the way, is & yes, I have a CNAME record for &

Update: I put in a ticket to Cloudflare, and they also see the 404 errors, and say they don’t generate them and that I should talk to my hosting provider.

We have run an automated test and we can see that your website has been returning 4xx errors.

A 4xx Client Error is a client side error that means that the client sent something the origin was unable to process. Cloudflare does not generate any 4xx error code, so this would indicate something is not configured correctly with your hosting provider or your client is sending something incorrect. The best next steps would be to have this client generate a HAR file and send this to your hosting provider to identify what potential misconfiguration could be in place.