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I have got it asking me for auth, and I tested to see if it would not authenticate if I did not do correct password, and it sent me to error 500, and wwhenever I try to reload the page to Reauthenticate, it just gives 500 error, and wont pop up for auth.


I’m seeing this now:

which is what I would expect to see.


Why will it not let me try do it again?


When authenticating, is the user name Case sensitive?
And even if it is not, why did the page not work and authenticate even when I entered the correct information?


I don’t believe the Basic Authentication username is case-sensitive.

At this point you’re getting this error because you’re missing the AuthName directive in your htaccess file. Some browsers use that to customize the authentication prompt and it’s required when the BasicAuth is triggered, so you don’t see it when you’re not trying to authenticate to adminPage but when you do the server returns a server error.


Ah, ok, thanks for telling me this!

I still do not get why when I put the correct auth details in, it does not work.


Also, is there like a cooldown after certain failed attempts?


No cooldown that I’m aware of. If you’re having trouble with authenticating, my first step would be to recreate the .htpasswd file with a super-simple password and see if that works.


I have tried this, and done a bunch if testing and trying, and it just does not want to work even If I have it correct, can you recheck my htpasswd, and htaccess file to see if everything is setup correctly!


I think you just had the path to your new .htpasswd location incorrect. I added myself to your htpasswd file, but I don’t think it was done correctly; you’ll probably want to run htpasswd -c /PATH/TO/HTPASSWD adminUser to rewrite the file with your password again. Use the full path to your file, starting with /app.


Ah yes, thanks very much, I have got that too work now!

I also would like the domain from my project removed one more time as I would like to set it up through the page instead, to help get more statistics, and change from http to https


Sorry for the delay here, @Callum-OKane, this has been removed.