Website not responding dont work i see only a white screen

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1 of my discord bots are also offline

Bot is online but is very laggy
Site not working

I appear to have the same issue. There’s just a white page and nothing loads and/or works.

Hi @julianborghuis, I’m not seeing any odd behavior on, and we’re not seeing other reports of problems or anything in our monitoring. What browser and operating system are you using, and do you still see the same thing in an incognito window?

As far as problems with your bot are concerned we do have a couple of hosts that appear to be banned by Discord. I’ll be cycling those hosts soon; if you let us know your project name we can check to see if it’s on one of those hosts.

Windows 10, chrome browser, incognito works also not.
My bot is working but its laggy verry laggy you can try or listen it on the discord server:
The first channel there is an bot

Check also White Screen [My language is Turkish]!

Yep, we’ve seen a few reports now - you were just the first :-D. We’re looking into it!

Ok folks, we think we’ve resolved the problem with - there was a caching issue with our AWS infrastructure that needed a little persuading to work properly.

Things should be back to normal, although you may need to perform a hard refresh on the page to see the fix.

We apologize for the inconvenience!

Thnx its works … . . …

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It seems like you created another error?

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It seems I am having this same issue now

What browser are you using?