Website sleeping to long

Website is taking a really long time to wake up.

Additionally, in the same webpage, I can’t seem to open any other HTML besides the index.html. Some websites have more than just an index.html. Sometimes they might have several index.html, depending on the context.

Hello @LWFlouisa! If you provide your Glitch Project Name or invite link. I can try and help you fix your problem.

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Yea I can even send an invite link to help edit at the moment, as I can’t even access the editor.

Here is the main URL:

It only seems to be happening with this page.O_o

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Alright, there seemed to be an earlier issue with people not accessing projects. Are you still able to edit the project and invite? I can access your project but need to request to join. Other than that, I can see your website working fine.

Thread in question to earlier issue:

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Yea things seemed to have resolved on their own. Curiously the youtube alternative I made was not the one that went down.

But things seem to be back in order. I really appreciate the help!

I didn’t quite get to do what I want, but what I have works as a mirror. Was I wanting to do is see why it can’t access any other html besides index.html.

Curiously on other hosts it seems to work fine. It’s a web archive of my old work.

I think I personally suggest adding Express.JS to your project (as most projects use express.js on glitch). Did you perhaps added those other html files to your project? Or is it just the one index.html file you have there?

If you need a hand with that, I can help too. Example with Express.JS Project is:

Anyone else having trouble with uploading assets? I’m having trouble uploading a short movie now.