Websites here do not translate to regular browser behaviours

So my website’s in the past, I have been able to use glitch to design the outlines right away, and copy and pasted to external files no problem to create designs. Now all of a sudden, my designs on here don’t work on anything other than glitch which is really exhausting to see that everything works 100% one place but not the other.

The biggest issue is photos and background. they load 100% on glitch and even my other photos they load great but only my background image doesn’t load. There’s no reason why indicated, z-index is good and everything validates through W3 so it really doesn’t make any sense.

Is it a state where https and http are mixed?
Web browsers will block this display sequentially. (Mixed Content)

Hey friend thanks so much for the quick response!
That really was my only thought too and there is mixed content but some of the images still loaded so I was still pulling my hair out for a minute until I remembered I recently added dark mode layovers to all my browsers and recognized there was some kind of overlay happening on my page, but it loaded fine everywhere else.

TL;DR, sorry it’s actually this app, Dark Reader that turns everything black.

New question though, how can I detect something like Dark Reader so my background images don’t disappear or do I just set my backgrounds z index to 0 or something to mask wherever DR has their background set?

I guess what made it extra screwy in my head was how flawlessly it actually worked in glitch in the side box and even opening to new page with dark reader on but when hosted off github with my domain it died for some reason. So glitch is fine, i’m an asshole haha sorry guise.

Edit: The z-index for the background of darkreader seems to be 0 so I guess start there like a normal person. I put my background at -100 so things could sit at 0 but apparently this isn’t normal lol.