Weird behavior of favicon

Hi, currently I am trying to run a React + Express app on Glitch. Before I imported the project from Github, everything works fine on localhost. However, when I attempted to run it on Glitch, it takes forever to start, and ‘Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 504 ()’ error from favicon.ico:1 appears. I am aware this may be a result of glitch being not able to find the location of favicon, so I have followed instructions from here. But it did not resolve the issue.

I also noticed a wired thing that the error actually comes from, which implies the program appends ‘/favicon.ico’ directly to the url of the application. I have searched everywhere in my project and am pretty sure I did not do this myself, so I am curious why this behaviour happened and how should I resolve this issue? Either by setting favicon correctly or getting rid of it completely.

If you are using express. You can use this code.

app.get("/favicon.ico", (req, res) => {
res.status("200").sendFile(path(__dirname + "/favicon.ico")) 

Thanks @aboutDavid


__dirname + "/favicon.ico"
If it is in the root folder.

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Thanks. I don’t usually use path too much.

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Shorter code that would work:

app.get("/favicon", (req, res) => {
res.sendFile(path(__dirname + "/favicon.ico")) 

You shouldn’t check if the request is OK, just throw the file. (unless you were IP banning people)

Or, even better, put your files in a folder and “static” them


This sounds like a Glitch issue as OP says it works fine locally.

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I tried this method but the issue seems to remain, and I doubt there must be something else I did wrong that crashed the application. [join link removed by support] is my project. Is it possible anyone is able to take a look at it to see what went wrong? It is a React project, I put all React stuff in the client folder. The React portion and backend run on different ports, I worry this may be the reason that my application cannot load.

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Hi, two things:

  1. Can you try replacing path(__dirname + "/favicon.ico") with __dirname + "favicon.ico" - or whatever your file path to the favicon rekative to your server file is; you said it’s in react folder so maybe try __dirname + "/react/favicon.ico"?
  2. In all the react apps I’ve seen, the favicon has been in a separate static folder. This is then loaded in the html/ejs file that the react is loaded into.

Please note that I have no experience of working with react, so this may be completely wrong!