Weird error: "Could not find node >=8, using 6.13.1"


Hey all,

I wanted to create remix button for my OSS (!/import/github/Sly777/ran), but the problem is that builder gives error “Could not find node >=8, using 6.13.1”. It should use node.js 8 or newer (node.js 9 for example). Is there any solution for this?



That format isn’t supported so it falls back to Node 6.13.1. Use “8.x” or “9.x” in the engines field in the package.json file to specify the latest version of Node you want.


Thanks @Gareth! Is it possible to run build command before the start?


Yes, we support “prestart” so you can put the build steps there.


Perfect! I released the app now (as u saw on twitter :D)


Hey i already changed engine

“engines”: {
“node”: “~8.11.2”

it still get error

Could not find node ~8.11.2, using 8.11.2


The ‘~’ format isn’t supported in the engines value on Glitch. Please use 8.x or a specific node version. You can see an example here: