Weird named files

Does anyone know why all of my project files have been renamed to these random words? The file highlightet in the screenshot is called “Luna.js” but it’s “Landa.js” for no reason. Ltodayr.js should be Logger.js

This happened out of no where…


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Ok so this is cool but of course weird: So “un” can be a translation of “and” in a number of languages, so I looked up “ogge” (from logger) in a translate app and it said it means “today” in Latvian!

Can you tell us the name of the project so we can see if we see the translation - I added a “logger.js” to one of my projects and it still retained that name. Maybe your browser is doing this with some extension, or did you run some script to translate things somewhere which would lead to this?

Oh sorry! I did not realize Chrome was translating it automatically. Weird…