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:wave: Wow… I came across glitch over a year ago but only yesterday had some time to take a look at what you all have been working on. I am so impressed! What is currently happening on glitch is close to what I thought was happening years ago - when I first learned that the kids were adding html to their myspace.

Glitch looks to be the online community I’ve hoped to be apart of for a while. One that rewards spending time on it - with a valuable education and community. I’m really looking forward to diving in more! I literally deleted my twitter account yesterday because of glitch. For me, Twitter is a huge time suck of useless information. So, I’m going to channel any ‘online social’ activity to glitch and see what happens. What gives me confidence to dive in headfirst is because it’s a pool that came from Fog Creek. :swimming_man:


Thanks, glad you like it. I love your focus - can’t wait to see what you create!


No, thank you! There is so much potential here. I’ve been dabbling with codepen and I have tremendous respect for what they’re doing. But having a terminal and db, combined with the live coding is 10x improvement. I love how generous you are with subdomains. I couldn’t believe myspace.glitch.me was available!

I do have a few specific questions, but I’m going to read through this forum before I ask.



Hello everyone I am new to everything I.T. I am attending a career accelerator course in coding of 18 weeks. It is very intense program for someone with no I.T. experience , but I enjoying challenging myself. One of are Instructors just lectured us about Glitch and showed us all the help and resources we have available literally at the tips of are fingers. So with that said I looking forward to reaching out, and getting great feed back from this forum. Have a great day!


Ok i have an issue why are my votes on limit? i got an error trying to vote for some topics and i was asked to unvote previously voted topics


Hello @Bfaschat,

Each member of the forum is only allowed a certain amount of votes total, this is to stop people from voting on every feature idea you see, and will allow you only to vote on the ideas you like the best!

Happy Glitching!


Very polite and straight answer you gave

:slightly_smiling_face: +100


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Im getting a glitch error that saids “server error”

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Hey @yoyo998 ! There was some error with glitch which has been resolved. https://status.glitch.com/incidents/1hn5v82pgfnv

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The console does not work

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@ZEUS233, can you be more specific?

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@ZEUS233, you might want little specific about a question like this by telling exactly what the command is. Is it all commands, or just some that are not functioning the way you desire? For example, I would use the command ls and see that not all my files are there, like the .env file, and then I would type in ls -a to see other files like .env and .glitch-assets which you can move.

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hi every one in here nice to be here with you guys…


@HTML-CODDER welcome to the community!


thanks nice to be here


Hello! i am LateMan-jpeg! I am novice for HTML and Python 3. Im develop Sonic fan games.


Hello @lazy-sunshine Please open up a new thread and we’ll get back to you there, this is the wrong place to ask a question. Anyway, welcome to Glitch :slight_smile: