Welcome to the worst website ever!

Hi y’all! Introducing a new website, Worst Website Ever.
It’s a very badly designer website, check it here → https://wwe2.glitch.me/
(Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any danger caused by this website.)

What do you think of this website?
  • It’s really badly designed! :grinning:
  • Boo :cry:

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I think I need to re-install my eyes. No offense

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I think I will need to add a warning before continuing to the website :)! (and don’t worry, there’s no offense on that)

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I’m just adding some (more) clickbait ads. I will use my own remix of fakebrain for this :slight_smile:

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Ok now the website is full with irrelevant clickbait

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It has clippy!!!

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