Welcome to #Welcometomyblog, our February code jam prompt 🍓

Happy February! New month means new jam, right? Right.

This month we are celebrating individual expression through the age-old medium of blogging (and also my birthday but that’s unrelated). Start a blog, make a fan page about your favorite blog or platform, whatever the prompt awakens inside of you!

New and in theme with the month: we’re creating a Glitch Community Blogroll (a list of blogs) this month and we want to add yours - whether you made them on Glitch or not! Submit yours to be added and shared with the rest of the community!

Head to glitch.com/jams right now to learn more about what jams are and how to submit your projects and add your own blog to our upcoming Glitch Community Blogroll. Also, see the submissions you all styled in the last #dreamcss jam.

Thanks to all of you who participated last month, and to those who join us this month. We can’t wait to see, read and share what you create! :writing_hand:


I’m happy to share my new blog!


hi. i submitted two blogs, Luna’s and Celestia’s.

But I have been unable to continue editing Celestia’s and nor can I access it so I cannot unsubmit it. Celestia’s blog has been falling behind Luna’s and there are various bugs that, after I released Luna’s became clear they needed to also be fixed in Celestia’s.

So can you please only include Luna’s even though I submitted both? Sorry, I did not expect to be unable to edit Celestia’s just as I made both public and cannot unsubmit nor even untag the one I cannot access.

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No worries - and I have folks looking into why the Celestia blog is not working (I think it ended up on a bad host which is something we can fix on our end) and I’ll update you in the support ticket you filed!

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Not bothersome at all - I’ll make a note to to use that post when I start adding entries to the blogroll. The new jam kicks off today but I’ll still be working on the blogroll over the next few weeks!

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