Welcome Topic for people who have just joined the forum

Maybe there could be a welcome topic where people could post about themselves, what they like to do, what they want to learn, etc. (I changed it to Welcome Topic because @code-alt said it would get kind of crazy, and he is most likely right.)


(I’ll find other examples)

Not voting on this since there is already a profile. Why can’t you just set the description?

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To be honest, not everyone reads profiles. Also, people can have a dedicated place to say welcome.

Maybe not a category, but a topic maybe

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I’ve seen other forums implement that as a category. Imagine a topic filled with all of the new users and other people welcoming each other. That would be crazy!

Also, it would make people feel more welcomed.

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Maybe now I kinda like it a bit more. I might vote :slight_smile:

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Wonderful idea! You’ve got my vote.

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Like @code-alt said, we do already have profiles and I feel like this would just clutter the forum.

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I would like this!

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Well, there could be a lot of spam like just guides instead of people welcoming themselves, i know this because before i was blocked on scratch, i loved to co-operate with new scratchers on the forums & other fun places like comments & projects! But with a lot of fitting topics, come a lot of spam!
Anyways, i support this idea!

I want to change this to “Welcome Topic”


Alt is right, I will change this to Welcome topic.

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What the…? The next time you create a post, I suggest you post something sensible and on-topic, rather than posting random stuff with no useful information whatsoever. I do like funny posts and posts with really nice jokes but this one’s a bit too extreme.


Nooo change it back to category or i will take my vote back
This is not what i voted for

OK. I do admit I got a (just very, tiny) a bit extreme.

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I got two extra votes so I used one for this :smiley:

I want a new topic, the old one was closed (no pinging required)

How do you get votes?

You rank up trust levels.

It might be better to use a thread since a bunch of skilled spammers could join and flood the welcome category and the regulars would not be able to tell if they were spam or not. A lot of serious people would also want a feature to hide all messages from the welcome category if that was implemented