Well, this is it... it's over

So, now then, i am replacing the past contents with the riddle that will announce my return!

behind the twin statues of my personality, sits the fear of being expelled, furthermore, the sadness brought by sell expulsion, so why must i hide in the shadows yet again? glitch… for thy laughters and gifts and joy you have brought to me, i will return and bring back to you on a certain day where that is appreciated, along with family :pray:


:wave: I guess this is goodbye for you being on Glitch…


goodbye. i hope it was fun while it lasted. :wave: :frowning:


That sucks. Thanks for sticking around until now.


Glitch has 20 times the amount of time you can code on github tbh
Also glitch is a good place to prototype things even people on web.dev and google ai put example code here. It’s more widely used than you think.


Bye :wave: I hope you had a good amount of fun whilst being on Glitch. May we meet again :slight_smile:



right, it’s also a great place to try things. P. S. some schools have website blockers that block ips they don’t know, the last time I checked my school blocked with a browser plugin


Thanks for making your post :slight_smile:
Sorry you have taken the decision to leave Glitch. It would be interesting to know you exact reasoning why project hours have made you make this decision. Hope you find another service with a thriving community like Glitch :wave:
May I kindly request that you refrain from making other posts about the fact you are no longer using Glitch and instead link to this one, so we can keep the forum tidy.

2 Likes = localhost


However, using Glitch instead of localhost is very useful, if you don’t want to go through any confusing setup, especially if you are on Linux :joy:

@javaarchive That makes sense as a school computer should not be hosting any type of servers as they are usually under powered machines and the main school server should focused on file sharing, etc. Glitch is the best option in a school environment. Also, most schools computer need administrator access to install software, so it would be hard to open a server on one anyway.

It’s easy since I think he already has NodeJS installed, he just needs to use the http and https modules to open a server. This also works for static pages, you just need to tell it to serve them.

Everything except windows has python and java preinstalled though…

Use an external drive to copy in the files to the right location. You could even use other options to get it into the PC.

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I Used to Use Glitch to Host my Bots and Make Websites
I No Longer use it for Discord bots (Maybe if i need to Test something)
I just use it To Host my website and Develop my API i am Making
I am Sticking with Glitch
Even Through these tough Times

Well. In the far future, I think Glitch may expand a lot. I get why they did it. ther are almost 100 posts about the same thing each time Glitch goes down. And pinging adds to that stress. Even though Glitch are providing free hosting, they were most likely going to lose more money than they make, so they did the ban. After the ban I noticed a lot less downtimes. AWS ain’t cheap. espicallly since your hosting for a lot of people and having to split that with VMs for each project is a though job. So I think that we shouldn’t be mad at glitch. I would like to know what you would’ve done. I probably would’ve just done the same thing.


also, for those thinking that gitpod has a lot less hours…

I never knew you but I still will wish you a goodbye

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Glitch has Added Project Hours and Are Allowing Static Websites to Be up 24/7 Regardless

sets up discord bot hosting service
unlimited hours for all projects right

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