We're currently experiencing a service interruption - updates here

Around 1:50 eastern time projects became unresponsive. We are working on this issue and will post updates on status.glitch.com.


The editor isn’t loading now:

and @potch, the status isn’t updated yet!

I think I broke the site, I renamed something that already exist like example

folder events/market.js exist
me: renames evemt/marketu.js to events/marketu.js

then the site kinda like crashed or something so idk if i did it

It’s clear, and that’s why projects aren’t loading, and update the status page please.

Welp Time for more typing for me yayyy!

Looks like the API is having a terrible fit and can’t decide:

Lol sounds like my media proxy when my cdn isn’t responding. Hopefully this should be resolved shortly

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i had issues with the editor 20 mins ago when it would not load it was the same with the project viewer. i am new i only joined 30 mins ago so please make my experianse injoyable.
thanks :slight_smile:

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Welcome @abundant-ray to the community! :smile:

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thank you @TrissieTheHusky

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This may take only from 1 hour to 6 hours (I hope)
and these problems aren’t from glitch itself, because glitch servers are hosted by Amazon

Outages or interruptions aren’t as common but is it just me or do they last along time when they do happen? :thinking:

why amazon??? thats seams like a weird host for a website

Will projects automatically start up as my discord bot is running on this and I can’t get it back up then

Welcome @cxllm to the wonderful community of glitch! :smile: As servers come back online yes they should come back online

i was in the middle of coding a web VR thing from a library book then when i reloaded it came up with the connection problem:(

Sorry about that unfortunately all we can do is wait till we get further updates from the staff. ;(

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@HeemPlayz, @EriecTan, @abundant-ray, please do not have any unnecessary or off-topic discussions in this thread, as it as a #service-updates!

okay thanks hope the servers are up soon.
Plus why do they go down like this is it amazon having its own connection issues?