We're currently experiencing a service interruption - updates here

Glitch is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2 instance servers.

I was explaining to him, no off-topic

Any ETA as to when we can expect services to be back up? I’m running a Discord bot that is used in a server with over 96k members.

Welcome @DaStormer to the community! :smile: There is no ETA as if they were to give it out it could be false info. Further info will be posted here. Unfortunately all we can do is wait.
Sorry :frowning_face:

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AWS (Amazon Web Services) accounts for 41.5% of the public cloud market, bigger than Microsoft, Google, Rackspace, and IBM combined.

thanks for info
sorry if i have caused uneccisery chats im just interested with this

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LOL all good. I’m going through glitch withdrawals!

Everyone please stay calm I’m sure staff is doing everything they can to help resolve this issue.

@potch any updates?

Only thing we can do now is to wait for Glitch Staff to fix this issue. (Considering it’s outside of office hours)


The status has been updated at https://status.glitch.com/!

hey all - we are on the case! and will be posting status updates on status.glitch.com.


Thanks for the constant updates and quick feedback. I hope you resolve the issue soon!

I have about 4 bots and 1 of them got hit by what I presume is this situation. The same bot was hit with a downtime about 2 days ago, is there any co-relation between the two events?

There could be but I’m pretty sure they aren’t sure yet check the status page found above for updates ^

I am not exactly sure about the events that took place 2 days ago, but the situation right now correctly matches the status page as I can’t load the editor for that project, chrome is stuck in waiting for api.glitch.com and pinging my project url throws a 504 Gateway Time-out. I will wait for further updates on the status page. Hope it gets fixed soon! :smiley:

The statuspage isn’t updated which makes me think someone fell asleep

Ah now a ton of Uptime Robot email flood info my inbox. The main issue I’m experiencing is Glitch not being able to resolve project domains. Thus giving a 404. I’m guessing Glitch has the glitch.me domain set to wildcard and uses some magic internal virtual host to re-route all of the requests.

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How can i backup my source code :(?

Welcome to the community @HiroKryptor!
Unfortunately we all are unable to do anything right now. Sorry :frowning_face:
All we can do now is wait for this to be resolved

I hope my source code did not lost :roll_eyes: