We're investigating issues with GitHub import/export - updates here

We’re seeing reports of users having difficulty using the Github import and export features. Our team is investigating and will provide updates here.

We’ll be moving all related posts here to keep things organized. Sorry for the bother, and thanks for your patience while we work on this!


Alrighty, Thanks for the update!

I cant ımport from github. When ı pressing import is says We’re sorry, something went wrong! Please try again, or try refreshing the editor. What can ı do

Hi @adabugra1, and welcome to the Glitch community! Sorry for the bother — we’re aware that some users are having issues and are investigating.

Hi so I was trying to export my Glitch codes to GitHub and I got this error multiple times: We’re sorry, something went wrong! Please try again, or try refreshing the editor.

Idk what to do. Glitch project invite link: [invite removed. to protect your project, please do not post join links publicly.]

Hi @TheLastGamer18, sorry to hear this. There was a service interruption that might have been affecting your ability to export the Glitch project to GitHub. What’s the project name?

I am having the same problem. Is there a fix @angelo.

Not yet, but we’re investigating and will post an update as soon as we have news. Sorry for the bother!

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Hello! I’ve just seen the Glitch outage being marked as resolved, but whenever I try to click Import from GitHub, I get this error. Could someone help me with this? Thanks! (It worked yesterday)

I am having the same issue!

Hi @RyanLandDev and @RiversideRocks — sorry about that. We’re looking into what might be going on.

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Alright! Thanks a ton! Make sure to give us a heads up when there’s any updates :wink:

Just shows the generic “refresh editor…” error. Dev panel shows 500 bad request. Application name is “stmbus”.

same here i cant export too, try revoke github access and try again also same my project name is werewolf-glitch-test


Hey @austinhuang0131 and @EriecTan! Apologies for the inconvenience. Glitch is currently experiencing some service interruptions, and your projects may be affected.

More info here:

Problem occurred before outage and is still persisting now.

Hmm, I see the same — sorry about that. We’re investigating!

Just copy the same thing as heroku has the github connectivity and git system to pull and push to the repository
Yeah I know you all will say it is not that easy as i say, but if they come up with this perfectly no one gonna complaint about the git or github.
Also people like to work offline and push the updates to the repository when they are offline.
You all might say visual code editor is there for your help. But what if people uses other code editors such as sublime or vim. If you give us the feature of using git systems(push and pull with proper security like heroku has identity secured using heroku-cli) people could work in any code editor they want meaning they will have freedom of choosing a code editor not sticking on to visual code editor
And I dont think it wouldn’t be that hard to implement git push and pull system than building a extension to visual code editor

Is there a status update? @angelo